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      Art Writing

Deliciousline.org, A Boston, MA blog, edited byFranklin Einspruch.

"Animal Dreams," March 2, 2018. Suzanne Unrein at GROUPE Gallery, NY, NY.

"Primal Matter," February 2, 2018. Cynthia Hartliing/Ruth Hardinger, Atlantic Gallery, Bro
oklyn, NY.

'Molly Zuckerman-Hartung: Learning Artist," Dece
mber 6 2017. Rachel Uffner Gallery, NY, NY

""Traversing Different Worlds," October 6. Eileen Weitzman at Anthony Philip Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

"A Conversation with Barbara Friedman,"
Figure/Ground--An open-source, para-academic, inter-disciplinary collaboration.
Edited by Laureano Ralon, and posted by Judie Cross June 12, 201

theartblog.org was founded in Philadelphia by Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof in 2003. I wrote reviews from Easton about artists in New York and the Lehigh Valley.

"Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo." November 12th, 2014.

"Steve Tobin at the James A. Michener Museum." July 24th, 2014.

"Off the Wall at Paralllel Space in Queens." March 18, 2014.

"Sharon Butler's New Casualist paintings at the Painting Center in New York."
December 26th 2013

"Mike Kelley at MoMA PS1--California and performance and installation art connection." November 21, 2013.

"Jake Grossberg, artist and teacher, on art and life in New York in the 60s--80s." October 18, 2013.

"Metropolis Collective at Trash Art Gallery in Mechanicsburg." July 15 2013.

"Art in Sight of the Cemetery--PigPen Project at Allentown's Mayfair Arts Festival cues on the earthy and otherworldly." June 3, 2013.

"Brian Cypher's Science-fueled lines spaces and shapes at Bushwick's new Schema Projects." April 24, 2013.

" Kate Teale – The Sea is All Around Us" at Studio 10 in Bushwick, Brooklyn, March 26, 2013. 

"Rebecca Reeves and Gregory Coates at Soft Machine Gallery in Allentown"
February 12, 2013

"Franz Kline’s roots in coal and steel – at Allentown Art Museum"
December 21, 2012

"Filling the void in Easton – Our Garage Space Gallery welcomes artists and musicians"  December 2, 2012

"Lisa Kereszi on family and other influences – an interview"
November 26, 2012

Book review –" Joe’s Junk Yard, Lisa Kereszi’s homage to a family’s business and the people who ran it "   November 4, 2012

"Fifth Annual Governor’s Island Art Fair – A whole lot of innocence and decay"  September 18, 2012

"Processing Art at Margaret Thatcher Projects" August 4, 2012

 "The Edge of Geometric Abstraction at LG Tripp --- Paul Rider, Charles   Kalick and Ryan Pellak"  July 5, 2012

"The Battle of Vestry Street: Art Collector and Philanthropist Verses Working Artists Past and Present" May 3, 2014.

Cedar Crest College

I wrote essays for Cedar Crest College, introducing the art and artist to students.
     Marianne Gagnier and Kim Sloane, November 2014.
     Tiffany Besonen and louAnn Muhm, October 2014.
     Jim Denomie, Cedar Crest College, Octobe
r 2013.
     Molly Dilworth, Cedar Crest College, January 2014.
     Miriam Hitchcock, Cedar Crest College, March 2014.

Easton Irregular

I wrote Art profiles of local artists for the Easton Irregular October 2011- February 2014. It's a small, locally owned paper that comes out 9 or 10 times a year----irregularly.  Since the paper's motto is "the good news newspaper" the interview and any criticism is positive, supportive and references artists from the international art world.
     Antonio Salleme, Easton Irregular, February 2014
     Marlow Rodale, Easton Irregular, December 2013
     Adriano Farinella, Easton Irregular, October 2013
     Tiffany Calvert, Easton Irregular, September 2013
     Coco Pulsinelle, Easton Irregular, July 2013
     Corinne Lalin, Easton Irregular, June 2013
 Mike Kondel, Easton Irregular, May 2013
     Jackie Lima, Easton Irregular, April 2013

     Jim Toia, Easton Irregular Art Profile, March 2013
     Josephine Coniglio, Easton Irregular Art Profile, February 2013
     Bruce Wall, Easton Irregular Art Profile, December 2012/ January 2013
     Rhonda Wall, Easton Irregular Art Profile, October 2012
     Elizabeth Snelling, Easton Irregular Art Profile,  September 2012  
     Tom D'Angelo, Easton Irregular Art Profile, July 2012
     Emily Steinbeg, Easton Irregular Art Profile, June 2012
     Tom Cooney Crawford, Easton Irregular Art Profile, May 2012
     Reinaldo Valentin, Easton Irregular Art Profile, April, 2012
     Luke Wynne, Easton Irregular Art Profile, March, 2012
     Josh Finck, Easton Irregular Art Profile, Feb. 2012
     Jay Milder, Easton Irregular Art Profile, Dec 2011
     Carol Heft, Easton Irregular Art Profile, Nov 2011
     Bill Hudders, Easton Irregular Art Profile, Oct 2011

Commissioned Article:  Paul Moran, New York, March, 2012



"James Pitt and Anton Chekov"
January 2011
(unpublished review)
Romeryoung Gallery
(formerly Ping Pong Gallery), San Francisco

Art Practical  "Scott Greene: Capitulare de Vita"
July 2010
Catherine Clark Gallery

Art Practical “New Works by Kimetha Vanderveen, “           
June 2010
Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco

Art Practical  "The Friends and Neighbors Effect
Bryson Gill’s exhibition The Friends and Neighbors
Effect examined through the lens of Luc Tuymans".
February 2010
Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco

Shotgun Review   "In case you missed it "-
Cherie Raciti: Small Abstract Reliefs.
October 2009

Garage Gallery, Berkeley, CA

Shotgun Review ( now Art Practical ) "Detritus,"               
Group show curated by Lani Asher. 
March 2009.
Soap Gallery, San Francisco


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